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UMO technology specializes in providing a wide array of cutting-edge security and surveillance solutions tailored to evolving needs of various industries. Our offering includes CCTV Cameras, HD IP Security Cameras, NVRS & DVRs, CCTV accessories, and much more. Currently, we proudly serve numerous sectors, including defense, government, hospitality, healthcare, education, residential, infrastructure, transportation, and many others.
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    Beyond what you see 24/7 Full-Color Monitoring Super Large Aperture Large Sensor SizeLarge Warm Light Range Up to 0.0002 Lux

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    Tiandy invented AEW which brought a revolution to the traditional technology to increase customers’ security level. AEW means auto-tracking early warning with flashing light, audio voice and laser tracking to prevent intrusion. .

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    Tiandy face recognition technology identifies subjects in a safe way to meet all your security needs in addition to offer an economical solution.

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    Tiandy firstly put forward starlight concept in 2015 and apply the technology to IP cameras, which can capture a colorful and bright picture in the dark scene.


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  • Your trustful security solution provider

    Established in 2012, UMO Technology has asserted its dominance in the domestic security markets. Leveraging our abundant resources and industry expertise, we embarked on a global expansion in 2020, reaching out to dealers of all scales worldwide. As dedicated professionals in the surveillance system industry, our steadfast commitment is to provide efficient, reliable, scalable, and seamlessly integrated solutions that precisely cater to the needs of our valued customers.

  • Solution that meet your needs and budget

    With our strong partnerships and collaborations with leading Technology Manufacturers and Software Leaders, we have the ability to select the most suitable techno-economic solutions at the most favorable prices for your Business and IT Integration Projects.

  • Unwavering Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

    Our knowledgeable sales team ensures a hassle-free security camera purchasing experience, delivering the perfect equipment for your needs. But our commitment doesn't stop there. With ongoing support, we assist you long after product delivery. Whether it's installation, usage, or addressing equipment issues, count on us for comprehensive assistance in securing your premises.

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